Alexey Samoylenko is a Ukrainian photographer, on whose account there are many photo contest victories, both in all-Ukrainian and international. Along with this, photographic works were repeatedly exhibited in the galleries of Europe and stored in private collections in Ukraine, Germany and England. A. Samoylenko is a bright representative of the classical Kharkiv photography and an active cultural figure of the city in the field of the Kharkiv photography.

For a long time A. Samoylenko is working on a photo project dedicated to the History of Ukraine. Within the photo project A. Samoylenko is timing an interval, which begins in the 40th millennium BC and ends with the Middle Ages (XV century AD). This period includes such epochs as the era of Trypillian culture, the time of prosperity of the nomadic Polovtsians (Kipchaks, steppe inhabitant), the period of the formation of the Greek colonies, the domination of the Scythians in the steppe regions, the formation of Kievan Rus and the beginning of the appearance of the first Cossacks.

Author’s thoughts about the Nature:

If you want to see the world, open the soul to meet the Nature. It will open for you all its possibilities and fill you with unforgettable emotions. And if you are an adventurer, accept the adventure and the Nature’s impulses which It offers you. If you are a courageous person, then find the strength to show weakness in front of Nature and breath its beauty. Since you are a man of subtle nature, able to feel the slightest fluctuations of the wind like a blade of grass, then just love the Nature.

Author’s thoughts about Kharkiv citizens:

And yet what an amazing people are Kharkiv citizens. Their behavior reflect all the centuries-old history of the city. Therefore, not every person can understand the way of life of a resident of eastern Ukraine. Mostly, Kharkiv citizens are freedom-loving and pragmatic people who have their own opinion about everything that is happening and who share their advice generously. However, the greatest pride of the Kharkiv people is their desire to conquer Olympus in any field of activity. Whether it’s art or science, sport or culture, Kharkiv citizens tend to be the first. This only shows how much Kharkiv citizens are gifted people.