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Late Paleolithic

Late Paleolithic or Late Stone Age

The art photographs presented in the “Late Paleolithic” section are included in the author’s collection which describes Late Stone Age of the Ukraine.
These contemporary art works reflect the spiritual life, life and beliefs of our ancestors who lived in the Ukrainian lands at least 40–20 thousand years ago.

Late Paleolithic is an era of the brave mammoth hunters, it’s an era of Nature spirits worship. Plots, which are devoted to the work, have an amazing property to give a special mood – a feeling of mystery and anticipation of a miracle.

It would seem that only one step separates us from the wonderful world, where the spirits of the dead look upon the living with age-old wisdom, where forest deities jealously protect their people, and dreams and fears take on flesh, gliding timidly along the dark nooks of mountain canyons.

These works are not similar to ordinary photos, where their plot quickly becomes boring and an inconspicuous part of the interior. They inspire and give aesthetic pleasure, serve as a source of spiritual food and creative inspiration. Each glance at them reveals to the viewer something new, unknown, previously invisible.

These photos are the whole universe, enclosed in clear lines and rich colors. Each of them has a deep meaning and is a work of art.

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