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Kipchaks (Cumans)

The section ” Kipchaks” presents to viewers the photos included in the contemporary art-collection “History of Ukraine”.

The works are dedicated to one of the most mysterious tribes that ever lived in the territory of Ukraine – Kipchaks (Cumans). Their eloquent messages to descendants, left many centuries ago, can be seen in these lands today – monuments, which are a real works of art made from stone. Will people ever be able to unravel the whole meaning of what was said by Kipchaks?

The stone idol depicted in the photos, which are personifying the culture and beliefs of invincible warriors, became the basis of the works of the contemporary Ukrainian master. Through art, he managed to revive these silent statues, to convey to his contemporaries the spirit of mystery and mysticism.

Religious and funeral ceremony, veneration of leaders and departed ancestors, harsh dedication in a moment of fierce battle – all these are elements of a complex mosaic, that add up to on colorful photographs one picture – a picture of life, which we could not witness.

The deep spiritual meaning of the works, their unique charisma allows you to plunge into a special, mysteriously alarming atmosphere inherent in ancient legends. Such photos are not just an interior decoration, they are designed to enchant and conquer, to bestow knowledge and wisdom that has come to us from the depths of centuries. To become the owner of such a photo is to touch that mysterious and elusive past of the legendary people, which so attracts each of us.

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