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Ukrainian Landscape Photography

The collection of landscape works includes pictorial photographs of magical corners of Ukrainian nature, which is distinguished by its beauty and color.

Each of these works is a true work of art, worthy of the attention of those who can see beauty in fleeting moments. Such photos will be a worthy addition to any interior, as well as a refined, stylish gift.

Many of the works have won at international photo contests and today serve as a decoration for private collections.

The mood of atmospheric photos is displayed so vividly that it creates a feeling of presence in this fantastic and at the same time infinitely real world of expressive colors and sounds.

The noisy waves of Black Sea and the Ukrainian fields covered in heavy snow, the sunny meadows and the fog enveloping the mountain peaks – these pictures, seen once by the artist and captured in photographs, attract the eye and rouse a feeling of wild nature.

It seems that a sunbeam is about to slide along an untouched snowy meadow and it will start to sparkle. The tired, warm wind, smelling of dry grasses, will sigh and sway wild flowers.

Nature itself chooses a communicative form of the most ancient and accessible language for everyone – the language of emotions. Bliss, anxiety and rage, bright joy and sleepy indifference, that is the whole palette of feelings shown on the photographs of Ukrainian landscapes and presented today to the viewer in a unique collection of the Ukrainian photographer Alexey Samoylenko.

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