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Trypillian culture

Tripoli culture or Cucuteni culture

A selection of art photographs dedicated to the Tripoli culture or, as it is commonly called, the culture of Cucuteni, is part of the author’s thematic collection “History of Ukraine”.

Tripolians represent one of the most amazing historical mysteries, invariably causing excitement and unrestrained curiosity among today’s Ukrainians. Presumably, they became the first tribe who lead a sedentary life – the progenitors of numerous generations of farmers, who replaced them after centuries.

Today, scientific works are devoted to this nation, it is the subject of heated debate among scholars and historians, its culture inspires contemporaries to hold noisy and colorful ethnic festivals.

Where did these people come from and how did they live for centuries? What became the basis of their beliefs and what do they conceal in their works of art made by the skillful hands of ancient masters?

Artfully made photos allow to look at samples of mysterious Tripoli culture from a new angle. Attractive with their bright, rich tones, they miraculously combine the living charm of Ukrainian nature and fantastic images of a civilization lost in the past.

Having seen once, it is impossible to forget these images, as if an invisible and weightless thread connecting us with distant tribes that disappeared from the face of the earth thousands of years ago.

The unique atmosphere of secret and mysticism, enveloping photographs, makes them stand out among millions of other photographs by contemporary authors.

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