Landscape and interior

Landscape and interior

Nature always causes a deep interest in the human soul to reflect on the aesthetics of the environment and beauty. Thereby, we strive to surround ourselves with sincere images of nature and thereby ensure our comfort and peace. A person tries to embody these qualities in the design of a residential building, apartment or office.

The Landscape photograph in the interior of a house, hotel or office creates a special atmosphere. It fills the room with serenity, peace and comfort. The landscape photograph decorating the interior is probably not just one of the decor options, but it performs meaningful action, as the landscape photographs remind us about the beautiful time spent in nature.

To date, photographic works of the landscape genre are the most in demand. Due to a variety of subjects for decorating the interior of offices, reception rooms, halls of public institutions, hotels, restaurant halls and other commercial organizations, you can pick up the most exquisite motives.

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Decorate now the interior with author’s photos

Framing a photographic work is a delicate and very important point.

We are very careful with interior design. Before decorating the interior with art works, we first analyze the room itself. Even if the object is not in Kharkov, it will be enough to send several photos of each room in which the author’s photos will be placed. Then we will analyze each of the rooms and select a story (or the client can choose his own story).

Photo frames can be of a variety of colors. Frames painted in dark colors enhance the color intensity in the photo and can give off warm or, conversely, cool tones. Therefore, the options for creating photos are endless.

Alex Samoylenko