Photo project “History of Ukraine”

Photo project “History of Ukraine”

Ukraine, with its picturesque landscapes and rich natural resources, occupies the second largest area in Europe and causes great interest among modern historians. This is due to the fact that such cultures and tribes as Trypillian culture, Scythians, Goths, Huns, Kipchaks and many others were represented on the territory of Ukraine.

“History of Ukraine” is a large photo project that shows the history of Ukraine in the form of art photography. As part of the photo project, a period of time that begins in the 40-15th millennium BC and ends in the Middle Ages (15th century AD) is considered. This period includes such epochs as the Late Paleolithic, Trypillian culture, the heyday of nomadic Polovtsy (Kipchaks), the period of the formation of Greek colonies, the reign of Scythians in the steppe regions, the formation of Kievan Rus and the appearance of the first Cossacks.

The main goal of the project is the visualization of a certain historical era. Visualization refers to the realization of stories and scenes based on real historical events.

A photograph was chosen as a visualization technique. Collage and photo art are used to achieve the ultimate goal (i.e. visualization of a historical event or persona).

Despite the fact that the first evidence of a person’s erectus (Homo erectus) on the territory of modern Ukraine dates back to the 900–800th millennium BC, the author reserved the right to limit the time span and begin the story from the 40–15th millennium BC.



Late Stone Age:
– Mezin camp (18 000 BC)
– Murzak-Koba (15 000 BC)
– Stone tomb (15 000 BC)
– Mezhirich Mammoth camp (15 000 BC)

Bronze Age:
– Belogrudovskaya culture (XI-IX centuries BC)

Later Stone Age:
– Trypillian culture (V millennium BC)

Iron Age:
– Cimmerians (IX-VII century BC)
– Scythians (VII century BC – IV century AD)
– Greeks (VII century BC)
– Sarmatians (VI-IV centuries. BC. E.)
– Goths and Huns (3rd century AD)
– Slavs: Antes (or Antae) and Sklavins (VI – the beginning of the VIII century AD)
– Pechenegs tribes (or Patzinaks) (VIII-IX century)
– Oguz tribes (X-XIII century)
– Kipchaks tribes (XI in AD)

Alex Samoylenko